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Creator of Camera M: a Game Boy redesigned exclusively for Game Boy Camera.
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Camera M

I am so humbled and grateful that so many of you are interested in my Camera M project.Camera M (or M1) is a modified Game Boy Pocket redesigned for dedicated Game Boy Camera use. It takes many design cues from SLR cameras and resembles something a bit more professional and refined for photography than a Game Boy handheld.Here’s a quick list of specs and features:

  • Completely custom shell and form factor

  • High-quality camera leatherette covering

  • Custom circuit boards

  • Top-positioned “shutter” A button

  • Redesigned power switch

  • CS/C lens mount (pictured with a 5-50mm varifocal CCTV lens)

  • Backlit IPS display with 4x integer scaling (slightly larger than the original)

  • Shoe for mounting additional accessories

  • 1/4” mounting screw for tripod and other mounting solutions

  • Strap lugs

  • Retains Game Boy Link Port for printing, trading, etc

  • Brightness wheel

  • Unbranded glass screen lens

  • Clicky GBA SP style buttons

  • 1800 mAh battery that lasts about 8 hours on a full charge

  • USB type-c charging port

  • Retains access to original cart slot for OEM camera & other carts

Back in December 2021, when I officially began working on this project (though one can argue its inception began when I first shared my Game Boy Camera photos online in the summer of 2018), it’s little exaggeration that I obsessed over what was to become of the Camera M and its design. Honestly, I’m still very fixated. This was a completely personal, selfish project meant to create a solution for improving my skills as a modder and photographer. I’m self-taught and my work career is completely unrelated to these skills.Because of this, I’m very excited that so many of you are interested in owning a Camera M yourself! I want others to experience joy with not only something I’ve created, but with the amazing little Game Boy Camera itself. So, my goal is to eventually sell kits for DIY builds and a small number of complete units.I initially set out to create something I would be proud of and I feel I succeeded. Along those lines, if I’m going to make something that others will buy and use, I want it to be done right.Although this “prototype” is complete, I’m not 100% satisfied yet. If it’s to be a product, it’s not ready. Here’s why:

  • The shell needs adjustments

  • The PCBs need some optimizing

  • I want better components & parts

  • I want the building process to be much easier

So, how am I going to get them into your hands? The biggest issue is funding. As mentioned, this was completely a hobby project I paid for out of pocket - including the failed shell designs, printing multiple circuit boards to fix issues, testing (and breaking) various aftermarket Game Boy parts, comparing and testing camera parts, and more.Although things are certainly subject to change, here is a very simplified planned roadmap:

  1. Attain satisfaction with the design (this means multiple revisions, product testing, etc.)

  2. Build a 2nd complete unit I’m satisfied with to auction off

  3. Use the funds made off the sale to make kits & (limited quantity) full cameras that I will then sell

  4. Iterate on the design to make a better product and/or additional models

To reach the point of making a 2nd complete Camera M to sell, I need your help. If you’re able to assist in any way, it will mean that we are one step closer to getting the Camera M in your hands in either the form of kits or a completely built camera.Here are ways you can assist:

  • Donate to my Ko-fi here - (absolutely NO pressure though - I know what it’s like when money is tight)

  • If you shop at Retro Modding, use my discount code for 5% off and I’ll get commission from the sale: gameboycamera

  • Send me encouraging words

  • Follow me on Instagram or Twitter

  • Share and/or Like my work

Additionally, if you have other skills, broken Pockets to donate, or ways you may be willing to help out with, go ahead and reach out.No matter what you do, I appreciate it very much. Thank you. Like a lot of retro game modders, I do this out of pure passion for the genre and the challenge to improve. This project would not have been possible if not for the retro game community’s contribution toward preservation and the incredibly knowledgeable members in the Game Boy Camera Club Discord. A lot of us do these types of projects on the support of our followers and mutual excitement we share over our ideas, thoughts, and respect for our beloved handhelds. So, it really warms my heart that others find joy in something that I’ve created.I hope to see your pixelated photos soon. See ya!